“Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal.”


Another day, another Her Campus promo. Christmas (or at least the feeling or it) came a little early today!! Here is the flyer for the Her Campus VCU sponsored Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. Enjoy!!

“A Voice of a Generation”

I recently got the opportunity to design a banner for the organization that a friend of mine interns for. The organization is called Virginia21 and you can learn more about their mission at www.virginia21.org. Thanks.

It’s a Material Thang!

Recently I created a booklet that analyzed areas in Richmond and their use of materials. It was a great opportunity to mix both graphic design and interior design. Enjoy!! You can read/view it here


“CAMP” & CAMPUS @The Compass

Newest HerCampus VCU poster!! Love promoting such an awesome organization/magazine!!


Hey, I recently started a tumblr titled “Gambino Gab.” It allows fans to submit designs based on the lyrics of Childish Gambino. Check it out!! Hope you all like it!!


You can also view the site by clicking on the image above! GAMBINO IS A MASTERMIND!!

I’m Always F**kin’ Childish, You Knew That When You Met Me

ForeverChildish.com, a fan-site for Childish Gambino, recently asked for people to submit banner ideas for their website. Here is mine, or 6 of mine if you will.

All Access!!

Her Campus VCU has suggested the idea of a press pass that could be used around campus so I created this little number!! Enjoy!

Stays So Sharp, It Should Be His Last Name

Here is the final result for a concept I have been playing around with for awhile. Since my last name is Sharp, I wanted to see how it would look in a sharpie-like format. At one time this was going to be the banner for the site.

Election Day ’08 (THROWBACK)

I know there was an Election Day here in Richmond this past Tuesday. I did not vote but I feel like it would be a good chance to show a Graphic Design piece that I made 3 years ago. Above is a series of stamps showing the intense race between Obama and McCain at the time. Enjoy and reminisce.

Smells Good to Me

This weekend Her Campus VCU will be holding a potluck….in my apartment. Sounds like a good time plus it gave me the opportunity to create a flyer for the event. Above is the “deluxe” poster that I recently made and below is the original poster that has been used for the event.