Eliminate: A Culture Show

Here is the flyer that I made for the Circle K branch of VCU. It was a long process. Below are the other versions that I made along the way.

You Down With A.P.B?

About a month ago, I got a job on campus making posters for the Activities Programming Board (APB). Here are some recent events that I made flyers for.

L.O.V.E. from Her Campus VCU

It’s not even Valentine’s Day yet and I am already sick of it (or at least making flyers with the theme of it). The above pictures are promotion that I created for the Her Campus VCU Valentine’s Day Social that is tonight!! Enjoy!

Above is the original idea that I had for the flyer. Although it was turned down because it was “silly” I still like it and enjoyed making it. Design is a process I suppose…

SHHO Me What Ya Got!!

Here is a logo/image that I made for SHHO VCU just for fun around the beginning of the year. It was a dope idea that I just had to make!! Enjoy.

You can find out more about SHHO VCU at theshho.com/vcu/